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Icicle Rune

Icicle Rune

Icicle Rune

As only druids are skilled enough to control the element ice completely, it was them that developed a rune with a freezing effect. Especially creatures determined by the element fire are vulnerable against this ice-cold rune. Being hit by the magic stored in this rune, an ice arrow seems to pierce the heart of the struck victim. Cold is pervading the body which is so immense that it is taking the breath away. The damage done by this rune is quite impressive which makes this a quite popular rune among Tibian mages.

Spell Information
Name: Icicle Rune
Formula: adori frigo
Vocation: Druid, Elder Druid
Group: Support
Type: Rune
Cooldown: 2s (Group: 2s)
Amount: 5
Exp Lvl: 28
Mana: 460
Price: 1700
City: Ankrahmun, Darashia, Edron, Issavi, Liberty Bay, Port Hope, Svargrond, Yalahar
Premium: yes

Rune Information
Name: Icicle Rune
Vocation: Druid, Knight, Paladin, Sorcerer
Group: Attack
Exp Lvl: 28
Mag Lvl: 4

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Type: no-pvp
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